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Euro 2016

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What 1 game? They won 4 games in playoff, what makes them champions. I might have different stats.

Football is about scoring, not about making impression. Something similar I felt in 2010 when Spain got their world cup winning all playoff matches with 1:0. I was not impressed even though they did actually win 6 of 7 games.


They had 3 games not win in pool.

Then 2 games beyond schedule (goal at 117 and the other one with penalties - which isn't a win)

They beat Wales 2-0.

And then, they win beyond schedule also.


It makes only 1 game won, against Wales.





Agreed. Luckily, following free kick had not lead to a goal, otherwise there could be a scandal.

From the other side, this is part of football too: referees don't have all these replays at hand.

Anyway, you score to win, you score much more to win if referee is blind.



Yes, but the action after the free kicks grant them the goal.

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Football is about scoring, not about making impression.


exactly! i was so pissed off by german media (guys commenting the game afterwards and in half time) painting it like Portugal accidently won this cup. it's so dumb. much butthurt. i feel exactly like that about the german loss against France. so pathetic to talk about possession and "dominating" all the time when the thing that people actually watch the game for you aren't able to deliver. and then just calling it luck. as if Portugal's defense was impossible to penetrate or the french in the semi for that matter. why so many chances then?


i'm fine if my team loses but i want honest analysis instead of bad losers and lack of sportsmenship afterwards.

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