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Tweaked 1.60 lighting for CUP Maps

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This is just a little quick(ish) edit of the lighting configs on the CUP maps, as all would agree the new lighting doesnt really work on the older A2 maps. This is pretty no frills, its not perfect, but its better. It also doesnt use tonemapping=2 so if BI removes that render mod, this mod will still work, that also means content will work predictably in terms of looks between maps (A3 vs A2). Mod is fully signed and so long as money isnt made with this mod, then do what you please with this addon. That includes uploading to clan websites (so long as there free), includeing in mod packs (again, so long as its free) or using the settings in your own (free to get) map.


This mod will not fix the "black sky" issues on non CUP A2 maps.


Also if anyone wants to de-binarize this addon and use the setting then by all means do so.


Download = https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/34537696/%40MeatyCUPMapLighting.rar


Heres some screenshots, click for bigger





















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In Chernarus no more over bright orange and yellow trees and not too bright overall :wub:

You got it man!

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