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AI Driving - Feedback topic

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Dear developers,


I must say ARMA3 is a huge leap from ARMA2 and very enjoyable, were it not for one mood issue: AI driving. Groups with only one vehicle move fine on the various maps.
However, convoy driving with two vehicles staying together, not to mention convoy of 4 or more cars/trucks etc. is really poor. That was certainly much better in ARMA2.


Since it is quite obvious that ARMA3 remain be the key BIS sim in this line for a few years with addons still coming out regularly, is there any chance to get this topic revisited?


Particularly the AI vehicles bumping often into static objects, other vehs is quite annoying. Better preplanning would be nice, and more steady formation keeping/driving.
Also, eliminating those events where a crash between (PhysX?) objects at specific angles will lead to vehicles being flung around weiredly, or pushed below ground/launched skywards would help much to mitigate poor driving.

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