For the start I've ported ruebe's findRouteDemo to A3 for Stratis and Altis:
It determines dynamically a path from a CfgLocationTypes start to end point oce can select in a dialog.
One can also tweak the search algorithm in the dialog, yet this is not so relevant here.
You can also change the number of the vehicles (1 or more in a convoy), set the vehicle type, or have them randomly selected.
Also it activates the AIDriving debug by default (toggle via radio) and you can change the behavior of the AI radio.
So in summary you can watch AI drive from A to B.
My observations: WaypointCompletionRadius still does not work well/at all for vehicles - AI always drives up to the exact position.. this should really be fixed/improved as it plays very much into AI driving Behavior seems to play less of a role. It seems careless/safe is no longer needed to have cars/trucks stick to roads well - good. Combat behavior still makes some difference but its limited - maybe only for armed vehicles or when in combat mode now? Stealth can still cause AI to take crazy detours at times. AI "path waypoint" precision seems not narrow enough in sharp turns and at intersections. Also when one road segment leads to another this can cause problems at times. Initial to get onto a road still leads of to crazy back and forth, or very slow movement/temporarily none at all. Intersections are also still a problem. Instead of passing by, the AI often tries to take an AI "path waypoint" from the other road, leading to problematic or even dangerous sheering of course. When a vehicle gets stuck, it causes the convoy still to slow down overall hoping to have it eventually catch up (not easy to handle though). Overall sticking to road and convoys seem to work considerably better though - its been a few years I've last tested this. The CIT still has probably several useful tickets and demo missions for that.

If useful, I might spend a few days to code an automated testing framework. OO_PATHFINDING - shortest route between two positions - looks useful in these regards.
It would still require people/someone to extract the data, and make repo missions for them (or videos).