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PSquall's Difficult Problem

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Oh wow, first of all thank you kylania.


Second, im on my mobile, so its a bit of a problem to go into details right now, but here it is.


Im working on a script that spawns civilians and let them do random things in a city. Yes i know, there are a lot of those out there, but since i want to do it my way and learn scripting with that.


At first, i used createAgent and let them handle the orders i gave them via an fsm. It worked all fine, exept i couldnt let them run, move faster or any other change in behaviour. Yes, i could call animations, but thats a bit cluncy just for running. Then i tried them together in groups, but i think i can remember, they didnt follow waypoints and stuff. even after i enabled the fsm for that (i tried like EVERY). tbh, i dont really know if i used the forum search for a solution, but i googled it for sure.


After i tried several things, i switch to createUnit... and everybody moved without an order or anything. And thats where i am right now. It seems that every civilian i spawn just moves randomly throughout the city, even without orders. I could disable the ai for that, but than im back to an agent.


Maybe its not that sort of a difficult problem, but i seriously tried so much, am im a bit frustrated.


Edit: i will post some of my code, when im back home.

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