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A couple of v1.60 issues

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I have detected a couple of new gameplay issues/bugs with v1.60, will report them here and try to explain how to reproduce:


1º- Not being able to see basic map marks (shift + click) while on an unmanned vehicle.

- How to reproduce? easy: equip a UAV terminal and control an unmanned vehicle (I've used Greyhawk and Darter), go to the map and try placing a waypoint mark (shift click). They work and you can change them, but you don't see the circle in the map while you're in control of the unmanned vehicle.



2º- Scalpel missiles can't 360º off boresight lock on to vehicles (from gunner position) anymore (while they can still be manually aimed 360º offboresight given enough altitude, no matter heading*.


-  How to reproduce? equip a UAV terminal and spawn a missileer Greyhawk, connect to it and command it to fly high above a vehicle target, and try to lock-on destroy it (you see the square but it's useless you're directly heading to the target like if you were using Vietnam era technology). But you can still just hold the crosshair on the target (if launch vehicle movement allows you... a bit more on that later) and it can even 360º noscope it like it's Half Life rocket launcher (but with very little chance of direct hit, which for tanks means very slight damage while direct hits means very high chance of single hit destroy).



*: It's the same for DAGR (while they shouldn't be able to be aimed 360º offboresight at all, they should have a very narrow cone). And it's the same for infantry Titan AT/AP. They all can make impossible turns (fun fact: you can suicide launching a titan to any bearing  - with enough elevation, and then aim to your feet: it comes back ;D, it can be very funny to surprise friends).


3º- (Not v1.60, at least from v1.58) UAV camera shake was supposedly fixed with 1.56, it was actually better but not fixed. Bad news: it has totally regressed even from v1.58, the problem is as bad as it always were, at least given non ideal terrain (the most common for most of Altis and Stratis: hilly -UAV AI still uses AGL altitude and it tries to correct to the meter all the time...-) and high speed (it automatically reaches its maximum speed after it has reached the commanded altitude, you can't tell it to go slower... and by the way, there should be an intermediate altitude between 500m and 2000m, or even two (1000m and 1500m).



I celebrated CCIP (add it to helos!) and Pilot Camera (add self laser designating capabilities please!), it's definitely getting better! but there's still a long path to what Arma 3 deserves in terms of aircraft functionalities and polishing (specially fixed wing).


PS: I am not entirely sure it is here where reports are made until the Feedback Tracker comes back online, I'm very tired and I couldn't find where I did read where it was, hope it is here. Sorry if not.

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