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[BUG?] syncing and "on act" not working with cycle waypoints

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i ve 2 groups with 3 waypoints for each of them placed at 2D editor.

there r 2 move waypoints and the last is a cycle waypoint to let em walk along the waypoints continuously.

I ve synced every pair of waypoints each other.

wp 1 of group 1 is synced with wp 1 of group 2

wp 2 of group 1 is synced with wp 2 of group 2

wp 3 of group 1 is synced with wp 3 of group 2


my thougts were that the group which is faster waits for the slower group on each waypoint.


that works for the first and second waypoint but at the third (cycle) waypoint the faster group isnt waiting but running to wp 1 and waiting there until the slower group is at wp 1.


I just need a confirmation for that behaviour to know if thats normal that syncing of cycle waypoints seems to be senseless... thx alot.



EDIT after some more testing I noticed that cycle waypoints dont execute the "On Activation" field.

I entered a systemChat in it which works if its a move waypoint but not if its a cycle waypoint.


Is that intended or a bug?

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