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[OCEANIA] 39th Battalion ADF Simulation Clan

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Welcome to the 39th Battalion, an Arma 3 military simulation Clan.


Our Identity


Established in early 2013, the 39th Battalion Arma Clan fosters the memory of Australian Infantry soldiers who famously defended against the advance of the Japanese Imperial Army over the Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea during World War 2.


Our Legacy


In observance of their sacrifice, the 39th Battalion Arma Clan pursues all available Arma 3 and community wide resources, in concurrence with historical and modern military procedures in order to model ourselves on the proud men and women who serve in Australia’s Defence Forces.


The quintessential Australian Infantry experience starts by clicking here!




The "Fine Print"

While we welcome all enthusiastic ARMA 3 players to join our clan we do have conditions attached to membership. If it saves you some time:

You must be a minimum of 18 years of age,

Be prepared to play Sundays from 1830hrs AEST;

Conform to a rank system during play.

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