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Spearhead Gaming MIL-SIM

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Welcome To Real MIL-SIM

Who We Are: Spearhead Gaming (www.spearheadgaming.net).  Spearhead Gaming is the result of a continual evolution of some of the communities most hardcore MIL-SIM players.  We started over 4 years ago as Survival Operations and have evolved into what we are today; Spearhead Gaming.  When we say hardcore MIL-SIM, we’re not talking about emoting push-ups on a range.  Our members are the most tactically and technically proficient Arma players you’ll find, with many former and current members of the military.  We have players from all over the world and pride ourselves in our diversity.  


What We Do: At Spearhead, we have a stable of custom mission makers.  We utilize the A.L.I.V.E architecture to create persistent and authentic campaigns.  Our mission runs 24/7 with a smart, virtual AI system that takes ground, fights back and defends its territory.  On average, it takes us 30-45 days to finish a mission that’s running 24 hours a day.  Our missions, loadouts and units are as authentic as possible, with a focus on immersion and realism for our users.


Why You Should Join: If you want an environment of “Yes Sirs and No Sirs!†this probably isn’t the place for you to play.  If you want to be play the game using realistic tactics, playing realistic units against a realistic enemy, this is the place for you.  If you think you’re in Seal Team Six and want to pick up a sniper rifle on your first day, it’s not.  We focus on being a tight-knit and close community and breeding camaraderie among our teams.  We have a hundred or so active members and are home to DevilDogGamer, Onnerby and others whose videos you may have watched.  If you’ve ever wondered how you get to do some of the cool stuff they do in their videos, come by, enlist and hop on teamspeak.  


Website: www.spearheadgaming.net

Teamspeak: ts.spearheadgaming.net

Enlist Now: http://spearheadgaming.net/index.ptic as possible.

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