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'Undercover' trigger conditions and hitman script

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I'm trying to get a trigger condition that allows my player character to remain undercover per-se, in the sense that unless he uses a weapon or otherwise acts aggressive, bad guys won't shoot at him. I'm making a 007 campaign and it takes place on Altis/Stratis/other maps. Good secret agents should be able to operate right under the enemy's nose without detecting. Is there a trigger condition that can enable the OPFOR to attack my character if I violate it? (the condition). Such as sending a truckload of thugs? This kind of ties into part two:


A good villain will eventually identify his target and to be initially discreet, send a plainclothes hitman after him. I need a script/trigger that will assign a civilian a holstered pistol, then send him to to the player and only pulling the weapon out to engage when danger close. (AKA two-three meters.)


Somebody please help me, I don't want to lose my spark of creative energy. It's derailed all of my previous campaigns.


(is this in the wrong section?)

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well you would use 

"player setcaptive true" to allow him to be undercover

"player setcaptive false" to expose him


and I would then use a series of addactions to arm or "virtually hide" a weapon

this script would add/delete a weapon from the player

I would then have a trigger or looping script to check if the player had a weapon or not (You need to cater for the player picking up a weapon as well as revealing his "virtually hidden" weapon


attach a fired EventHandler

This would toggle your setcaptive states


Alternative to setcaptive

You could have 007 be on the same side as the "enemy" and adjust the players "addrating" value

When it is below a certain value friendly AI will see you as a threat and engage you.


Hope that takes you in the right direction 

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