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22nd MEU Milsim Unit

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Who we are


We are a semi-serious group that relies on assigned roles and chain of command, but a casual attitude out of game with respect for the operation of the unit, not the online ranks themselves. Many players are military or veterans, and some are just civilians who are very interested in tactical gameplay. As of this post we have 30+ members.


What we do


We play regular operations on Saturdays at 1900h EST and weekly training on Sundays at 1700h EST. We play as USMC in a variety of situations including 1980s cold war era and modern War on Terror organization during these trainings and operations. We typically have a less serious operation on Friday nights around 1900h when we will play an operation as either a different organization (say an 80s russian motorized rifle platoon in afghanistan) or a simple fun mission to blow off some steam.


What Mods we use


We use an updated version of ACE/ACRE that fixes some bugs and adds some new features. This new version of ACRE can be used with the newest version of teamspeak, no need to downgrade to play with us. We also use a modpack of select RH weapons, marine corps skins, and custom humvees. We have many optional mods for members to use such as a fast grenade system and a vehicle music mod. Our mod development and mission creation team is fully active and constantly working on updates.


How to join


You can find us at Our Forums or on our teamspeak 3 server.

Talk to any of our members who should be able to direct you to a higher up who can set you up with your mods and role.

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Just letting everyone know that we continue to be active, have a squad+ of players on weekend operations, and maintain a dedicated server as well as a completely custom modpack tailored to our unit, with custom addons and missions. We play a mix of pvp and coop missions.

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