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Lighting Help Needed in Config.cpp (Terrains)

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Hi all i was just wondering if it would be possible for someone to help me with my terrain. First off i used Stratis's config.cpp as a template and changed it suitable to my needs for my island. This means i used Stratis's lighting and my terrain is supposed to be dark and somewhat gloomy, but it is bright like a Greek island, would it be possible to ask someones advice and what lines of code in the config i could change to achieve this effect ?

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I'm going to bump this topic if its possible as i have stepped away from map making but am now starting again as a hobby. I still haven't found a way to confidently edit my maps config.cpp lighting portion. If anyone can link a tutorial or another topic that would be great. And before i get told to search an answer iv'e already looked most of last night so if a tutorial or another topic like mine exists i couldn't find it.


My problem is i copied the altis config and basically my snow map thats supposed to be dark/gloomy is like a tropical paradise when it comes to lighting. Any help is appreciated and iv'e included some screenshots.



This is the problematic lighting.




This is the lighting i would like but i can only achieve this at a really late time and having a high overcast value(Almost Raining).



Thanks to everyone in advance.



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