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AL Scripter to join our team @Australian Altis Life

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Welcome to Australian Altis Community Group. 


Our community was founded by myself and our proud hard working group of determined individuals wanting to start a community based Altis life server.


During our adventures in the world of gaming we've made met some amazing players who now make Australian Altis what it is today. 


Since then we expanded to become a successful and vibrant community that has both Australia and New Zealand players, and many other's that strive to conquer various game titles, 

while maintaining a close and active community. We are a mature and friendly Community that believe that players should be able to play in a clean, cheat free environment, and where they can feel part of an ever growing community. 

We also ensure that the play experience is as clean, hack free, and lag-free as possible, which is why we expanded to a dedicated server around 4 days ago

With incredible speeds



We have been around for over 3 months had our ups and downs like any other community had Myself scripting our server at the time which I have put so much hard work and dedication into and we have never been prouder of the mission file myself and other's helped produce. The server wouldn't have the player base and community today, If it wasnt for myself, sneaky and a few others hard work and dedication put into our AL server.


We are currently doing the best we can with what we have, we are still limited in the fact of needing a dedicated Altis Life developer. 

We need someone that is dedicated to the server and even in its downs, will be optimistic about the future. Someone that is creative and can get the job done. We are looking towards setting up many different scripts and features which include, custom skins, custom vehicle skins, donator shops (mainly gain only cosmetics) and approved by Bohemias monetization rules.


We will offer a professional scripter money in return for helping, as I know myself how hard it is. I've had countless hours, countless loss of sleep just to get the server where it is today.

We have our real life police officer, taking care of all the police recruiting. Training people up for the most advanced gaming sessions.

Sneaky our co-founder, and myself, founder are active everyday of the week. 


Our mission is constantly up-to date with the most recent 4.4 updates thanks to the guys at Gitter taking the time to update it constantly!


If you are interested in what you see, and hear. Don't hesitate to contact myself, or our admins at


Or you can join our teamspeak and have a chat with some of the people.



Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you soon :)


-Pril & the Admin's @ Australian Altis Life

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