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Iron Front in Arm3 LITE - preview versions

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234 series, Wepse and MORE!?! Permission to squeal like a girl, Sir!!!

Now THAT's funny...


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22 hours ago, Digger James said:

234 series, Wepse and MORE!?! Permission to squeal like a girl, Sir!!!

Knock yourself out private.

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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!.... idk... makes me sound like I'm Twitting during sex like "Omg, omg, ZZZZZZ" and thats just rude right? LMAO :don11::drinking:

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Hello Iron Front in Arma3 fans!

Just a reminder that i am still running the MR - Mission Repository for the IF community, however most of my attention has moved to Steam Workshop.


The following are 3 IFA3 Steam workshop collections have created back in May, and i have been adding to them since:


Mods created for IFA3: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934510504

Multiplayer missions: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934504856

Singleplayer missions: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=934502154


These links are also listed on the MR under the IFA3 section, now i'm sure not every mission for sp and mp is there so if there are some that you know of that are not on the lists let me know.

As for the mods, the mods on the mod list are only mods that have IFA3 Lite in their requirements, why you dont see FOW, or other mods there.

I update these lists weekly, sometimes 1-3times a week.  Cheers!

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Some shots from the new Bray-Dunes terrain, coming in the Blitzkrieg update.



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18 hours ago, Lindsey Michaelson of the Amazon said:

would be nice to see an M26 Pershing


Would be nice to have a model ;)

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8 hours ago, Jaki said:

Would be nice to have a model ;)

Would be nice to have someone to integrate it :(

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6th Airborne   (Ox & Bucks L/ Infantry )

5th June 1944






BDHFd2c.gifVTolLLp.gif  dVdzaak.gif  gyxiosR.gif CRO7yxE.gif  VR22T1a.gif   oAbIoxZ.gifY6NPVjB.gifsTAArs8.gifV9AK4Bd.gif   DoxnZlk.gif   Dt0DwZH.gif 


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Hey devs, just theorising (not requesting), but with the Law of War DLC also come scripts for Cluster Bombs and UXO, now with that as a template, would it be possible for the addition of SD2 & SD10 Butterfly Bomblets? Having a Stuka or FockeWulf rain AP mines from above can really hold up an allied advance quite spectacularly!!!


Sd2_closed.jpg Sd2_opened.jpg

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@Madshepherd, spectacular screenshots. :rthumb:

@Digger James, oh man, those Butterfly Bombs reminds me a Danger UXB  episode called Butterfly Winter, I would recommend any World War II aficionados to check out this superb late 70's British drama series.

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7 hours ago, Evil Organ said:

@Madshepherd, spectacular screenshots. :rthumb:

@Digger James, oh man, those Butterfly Bombs reminds me a Danger UXB  episode called Butterfly Winter, I would recommend any World War II aficionados to check out this superb late 70's British drama series.


i think theirs Episodes floating around on youtube

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@Evil Organ

@AIF_Infantrymen, Lads please, I'm still trying to get through the Intrepid tales of Silent Service series, now I got another thing to check off the list lol! 

(Side note youtube has muddle up the # order so be aware)


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  • Added improved SmarterTanks system by alarm9k!

For details see: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/172270-smarter-tanks-script/


Playable content:

  • German engineering showcase mission by Jaki!



  • Changed difficulty presets:
  • Regular: mapContentXXX defined and disabled enemy visible on map view.
  • Veteran: mapContentXXX defined and disabled for all. Disabled scoreboard and kill messages.
  • Reduced precisionAI defaults considerably (0.2->0.1, 0.5->0.2, 0.7->0.25, custom 0.5->0.2).
  • Custom difficulty level by default has maximum skillAI.

For details see: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Difficulty_Menu


Note: These only become active with a new profile!


  • Ragdoll Overhaul thanks to venom.226!
    - Fixes various problems with vanilla A3's ragdoll physics
    - Knee joints have been fixed so that they can no longer bend in ridiculous ways, along with other various improvements
    - New constraint tweaks
    - Reduces stiffness in lower legs
    - Decreased overall stiffness of ragdolls. Knees should properly bend now
    - Added more flexibility to the hip and torso regions
    - Decreased hitforce to vanilla values
    - Increased torso mass slightly
    - Ragdolls no longer fly into the sky when killed during certain animations

For details see: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/204465-ragdoll-effects-overhaul/



  • Major revision for FW-190, P-39 and Ju87 by LAXemann!
  • New sounds to Nebelwerfer thanks to scars09 and Gunter Severloh!



  • Major revision of AI tank and vehicle gunner behavior (target selection, target priorities, target engagement)
  • Dropped system to reduce MG firing frequency at distance - AI gunners go crazy now!
  • Improved AI pistol usage



  • Dunkirk Bray Dunes 1940 by swurvin!
  • Major redesigned Merderet V3 by swurvin!
  • Updated Ardennes 1940 and Ardennes 1944 Winter by swurvin!



  • Late war Kar 98k by petrtlach from CSA38 Team!
  • New Kar 98k given by CSA38 Team!
  • Improved new MP40 by petrtlach from CSA38 Team!
  • MP 38 given by CSA38 Team!
  • C-96 Mauser given by CSA38 Team!
  • Walther PPK given by CSA38 Team!
  • New F1 Grenade given by CSA38 Team!

  • SdKfz222 Gelb and camo versions of SdKfz 222 by Diabolical!
  • SdKfz234 series (Autocannon, Puma, Stummel, Pakwagen) by Diabolical!
  • New German M42 Stahlhelm set (9 models - 19 textures - 30 Virtual Arsenal variants).

  • SdKfz124 Wespe - original model by I44 Team - now with interior!

  • US army infantry and clothing with HQ textures thanks to LODU!
  • Some German backpacks with HQ textures thanks to LODU!


Deep, sincere thank you to Jaki, swurvin, El Tyranos, Diabolical, Jove Chiere and LAxemann
for their major efforts with this update, along with the assistance of austinXmedic, Justin N. and Jeg0r!


Much love for the excellent promo work to swurvin, El Tyranos, stabcon, MitchDB,
Basher, Athena, Zhivets and ShiftyzZ - masterful!


The help with the thorough testing efforts by Jaki, Dack, Petyr Baelish, Remember Sega,
Irishman, Schwienyy, MitchDB, Test and JK was much appreciated!



With much sadness we are to report the departure of MitchDB - much thanks
for your great spirit and friendliness! All the best in your future efforts :)



Special acknowledgement

Full credit and appreciation for LODU's work with the US Airborne vests and uniforms!

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by Athena <3 PVNOR


Iron Front in Arma 3 – Blitzkrieg Update


Antretten Soldaten!


Let us introduce you to new toys available to you now:


Theme of the update:



Blitzkrieg or a “lightning war” is a military strategy that was used by the German army back in The Second World War to achieve fast victories with minimal casualties, long before the enemy managed to mobilize and deploy his main forces.




Now frontlines to be fought in:

Bray-Dunes, France




As the Blitzkrieg pierced through the Ardennes forest of Montherme and Sedan, the new terrain Bray-Dunes expands the battlefield alongside the massive stretch of beach from Dunkirk. This area was one of the main evacuation sectors for the British Expeditionary Force and French troops in the largest infantry evacuation operation during WW2. It is a 5x5km terrain with a cell size of 5 to allow micro terrain. A small canal river separates multiple sectors of the terrain forcing armor and vehicles to use the bridges which makes for great objectives to hold or capture. The terrain holds around five urban town areas with custom road signs and large areas of open fields with raised bocage for limited sight into the next field making for good infantry combat.









Merderet River, France


This terrain was created by the Invasion 44 team for Arma 2 depicting the Merderet River in France during the allied landings in 1944. The river was targeted by American Airborne troops during D-Day and they were dropped on either sides of the river to capture bridges in Chef-Du-Pont, Saint-Mere-Eglise and Manoir de la Fière. This new version is completely revised and brought to Arma 3 quality levels with new textures, massively improved height map changes for infantry combat, anti-glider poles and pillboxes in selected fields with around 4-5 new urban town areas. Most of all the main town of Chef-Du-Pont has been totally remade with new ground textures and IFA3 buildings.









Montherme, Ardennes


This small town along the river Meuse deep in the Ardennes forest was one of the locations that was attacked during the invasion of 1940 and also occupied by both sides during the winter campaign in the Ardennes of 1944. The bridges were the main priority and were captured by German panzer divisions in quick succession along with the bridges in Sedan. This is a 10x10 terrain with cell size of 5 based on real heightmap data of the area and historical photos. Some edits were made to the layout and roads to provide for more interesting missions and combat. It contains 12 urban town areas, 5 major bridge crossings and vast areas of pine forests and farmland which provide great armored warfare and infantry combat with the new cell size and height map changes.


Winter Montherme is set 4 years into the future and with this update now contains multiple defensive lines, bunkers and 2 Flak batteries with slightly upgraded textures, custom signs and a pontoon bridge which fills in for the destroyed stone bridge in the main town area.









The German war machine is running at full speed:


Armored vehicles:


Before bringing in the main forces you need to have a good understanding of what you’re up against. To achieve that you need a fast and discreet recon vehicle and Sd.Kfz 222 is your best choice!



The Sd.Kfz. 222 is a light, 4x4 armored reconnaissance car that comes equipped with a powerful 2 cm KwK 30 autocannon, full interior and multiple camouflage options.











During Blitzkrieg it is important to penetrate the enemy lines with a swift and powerful charge and to rush deeper into the enemy territory not dealing with heavily fortified areas, but encircling them, destroying their command posts and cutting their supply routes.


For this task the brand new Sd.Kfz. 234 in four variants are now available. They all have the same base but different weaponry and all featuring a full detailed interior and realistic handling.


  • Sd.Kfz. 234/1 "Autocanon" - armed with a 2 cm KwK 30 autocannon in an open turret for dealing with enemy infantry and light-armored vehicles.
  • Sd.Kfz. 234/2 "Puma" - armed with a 50mm KwK.39 gun for a slightly more serious tasks.
  • Sd.Kfz. 234/3 "Stummel" - an infantry support and assault variant armed with a short-barreled 7,5 cm KwK 37 howitzer.
  • Sd.Kfz. 234/4 "Pakwagen" - an antitank variant armed with a 7,5 cm Pak. 40 AT gun.


High speed, great off-road performance and impressive weaponry for all your Blitzkrieg needs!










The enemy lines are now breached and the enemy is surrounded. So what is next? Clearly it is unwise to send infantry into a fortified enemy position, so it is time to bring in the heavy stuff:





Slowly but surely 12 tonnes of Krupp steel roll into the battle, this is your new best friend when it comes to dealing with fortified enemies:



The Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe - This German self-propelled gun which was built on a Panzer II chassis, is armed with a devastating 10,5 cm howitzer that can shoot a 15 kg shell on a more than 10 km distance!








The hostile force is still not devastated? Perhaps a salvo of the moaning Minnie can cheer them up? Meet the Nebelwerfer 41 - a 6 barreled 15 cm rocket launcher capable of firing 6 rockets in under 10 seconds.








No doubts, your enemies will run away straight after they hear that sound!


Just like the Sd.Kfz. 124 Wespe this model originates from Invasion 1944 and it comes with four different colors to choose from.



Now it is time for the infantry to move in and deal with the remaining enemies in those ruins:




For a close combat fighting petrlach from CSA38 mod kindly provided us with a new model of the one of the most iconic submachine guns from the Second World War - MP40 and its older brother the MP38.
The MP38 was used during the early days of World War Two and helped develop the MP40 into its final state. Those models now replace the old AWAR IF models.


Is the enemy is too far away for your MP40? Petrlach and CSA38 team thought of that too and provided us with new Mauser K98K models.
The Mauser Kar98k was the standard issue rifle for the German armed forces during World War Two and one of the most precise rifles of that time. Two variants are added, an early war version and a late war version. Our team slightly reworked their textures so you have visually different guns if you are using CSA38 alongside IFA3.







Small arms:


If something goes wrong during those intense face to face fights, you can always rely on your secondary weapon. Walther PPK & Mauser C96 are also coming in this update, again, provided by the CSA38 team.




Individual gear is almost as important as the weaponry - during the battle, you must look strong, frighteningly, determined and feel comfortable in your boots.

For that reason our team improved all of the German uniforms with new textures and added more uniform variants. As for the helmets, they have been completely re-done model wise and texture wise. Adding over 30 new variants!






German Engineering


This showcase will introduce you with German Panzerwaffe battle tanks - choose between Panzer IV, Panzer V (Panther), Tiger I and Tiger II (King Tiger) for your mission.

Charge your tank through several layers of enemy defenses to complete your main objective: Capture and secure the Soviet airfield.

Remember of your tank instructor repeating all day long:



Every one of them has its weaknesses and strengths - so choose carefully both your tank and tactics.








The Luftwaffe upgrade brings even more fear towards the enemy!


The mechanics have beefed up the FW-109, P-39 and Ju87 - including their machine guns and cannons


  • Various engine sounds for various distances
  • Wind sounds when flying
  • "G-Force" rumbling when in high-G situations
  • Rattling of the plane when in high-G situations
  • External and internal rain effects






Adjusted difficulty settings and AI abilities


For a more enjoyable experience playing with AI, the tank and vehicle crews have received extra training in the bootcamps and are now ready for their service. Additional training is also scheduled also for other parts of the army in the coming weeks.
Highcommand has ordered some changes to the battlefield engagement rules - review them before going into battle!




Smarter tanks system


Developed by alarm9k this makes AI tanks and armored cars, face targets head on to avoid exposing their weak spots. In addition the stop the vehicle to allow accurate shoots to be fired. Before this happens the system determines constantly the currently most dangerous, known threat and selects the most appropriate weapon or ammunition accordingly. Once all threats are taken care of the AI will continue on its previous assignment.



Now it's time for you to get to front - los geht’s!


the Iron Front in Arma 3 dev team



Full galleries




by stabcon






by basher




by Zhivets




by El Tyranos




Previous devblogs






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Awesome update guys!!  Also, major props to Pertlach for allowing IFA3 to use his outstanding assets.  Both mods are stellar!


Really excited to get to building some more campaigns with these new toys.  Well done!

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Very awesome as always, lads, you never cease to amaze! but while I don't want to come off as a whinny b*tch, I'm just to damn curious on whether or not SD2 Butteryfly Bomb are physically possible, like I mentioned before... the possible uses for the grand-daddy of cluster munitions are just too tasty to ignore!

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