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battleWarden.net - RCon for ArmA & DayZ!

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Hello Community,


being the first RCon tool that has ever been created for DayZ & ArmA, battleWarden is used by thousands of people word-wide and enjoys a high reputation among DayZ and ArmA administrators today. It revolutionized game administration for BI titles and also massively influenced other rcon tools available.

If you really want to do serious & professional server administration, start using battleWarden today and be part of a large fanbase!


Your support counts!




Homepage: https://battleWarden.net

Fan- & Support-Page: https://www.facebook.com/solicusoftware


Online User Manual: https://battlewarden.net/usermanual/

Video Tutorials: https://battlewarden.net/support/video-tutorials



Features at a glance (battleWarden):


  • full support of DayZ, ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 game servers with BattlEye enabled
  • own proprietary, fully functional BattlEye client engine being more robust and faster than any other available clients
  • no runtime environments required (such as .NET), compiled to native machine code making it super fast
  • intuitive, modern and fully DPI aware graphical user interface
  • full Unicode support
  • built-in server manager
  • kicking and banning functionality
  • local player database (SQLite) to keep a record of what is going on on your servers
  • ingame chat suppport
  • Support of administrator names
  • server logs (part of battleWarden:Spy) [NEW]
  • custom actions & triggers [NEW]
  • scripting Interface for advanced tasks [NEW]
  • 64 bit version available [NEW, BETA]


Full feature list: http://battlewarden.net/features/


This thread can be considered to be the official place for update news, handy tips and bug reports.





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Hey guys,
I am about to release a new version of battleWarden EX and just wanted to let you know that there is a new developer blog post available: http://battlewarden.net/archives/410

If you have any other suggestions or feature requests for the new update do not hesitate to post them here!

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EPM connects without problems, Battlewarden says "Could not connect!". Both started alone of course, server restarted... and so on.


While the BW window is open, EPM also can't connect.


No configs from BW changed.



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Dear battleWarden users,


we have to make an important accouncement regarding battleWarden. As many of you know, battleWarden has been the first choice for administrators running ArmA and DayZ game servers for the last 10 years.
While we offered it commercially in the past, we finally decided to make it freeware.


This does not mean that future development will proceed slowly. However, we will rely on your support and donations in order to ensure future continuous development.

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do you run a discord? if so, please add in here and update your signature

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