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Respawning as a different unit

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Hey guys! How are you doing?


Well, I've been working on this mission for another group and I'm trying to make something really different out of it...


Well, basically the mission starts with BLUFOR (conventional infantry) performing a ground assault on OPFOR, the missions is a COOP.

The guy asking for the mission asked me to create a respawn, but the thing is, I'm not a big fan of respawns, so I don't use them on my group missions, therefore, I don't understand nothing about them.


What I want to do basically is:


#1) Respawn will be available only after OBJETIVE A has been taken by BLUFOR

#2) Players respawning will respawn as a different unit (paratrooper) freefalling in a predetermined area


I have no idea where to start from, actually I don't even know it this is possible.


To make things easier, my #1 objective is not a priority, as long as #2 is possible.


Thanks in advance!

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1) You can use the same unit as you originally had.

To do this

  1. On Respawn, reload the unit with a kit script that includes uniform changes (Unit now looks different)
    • If you need to have the unit join a different group, then run the script command to do this
    • If you want the unit to join a different side themn run the command that does this
  2. If you want the unit to respawn freefalling, then
    1. On respawn (Use respawn="BASE"; eg "respawn_marker")
      • Setpos the unit to whatever location, height you want
      • Have the unit run an animation player switchmove "SomeFreeFallAnimation" (Check the animation player in the debug console, there will be one in there somewhere)
      • Add an action to the unit to "Pull Cord"... "Deploy Parachute etc"#
      • Addaction moves the player into vehicle created parachute (player playmoveNow "";    resets the animation)


When the player is on the ground, eg (player == vehicle player) remove the action.



that's the basic principle, enjoy the code writing and debugging

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Damn... I just realized I posted this in the wrong session... I'm scripting this mission for A2, not A3, do anyone know how can I move this topic to Arma 2 session?


Thanks for the help, terox, but since it's an Arma 2 mission, I can't change the uniform and equipment because they're not modular like Arma 3, they're using the @i44 mod, so Rangers (common infantry) and 101st Airbornes (paratroopers) are different units under BLUFOR, I can't just spawn a Ranger with a parachute, but thanks anyway! =)

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