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Spezialkräfte Bundeswehr


The Projekt:
We started this project for our Clan about 3 Month ago. We play as German KSK and EGB.
Our plan is to support the German Arma Community playing as German Special Forces without having any equipment to disposal.
The first results of retexturing and config writing were really not good. I've got to know a modder of the 'BWMod' who can help me to keep up my project.





WIP Media:
http://imgur.com/a/aUlcx G38 alias HK416A5
http://imgur.com/a/CpGoP G82 Gunbag with ACE support

http://imgur.com/a/GPhj8 New WIP Pics from Dragbag
http://imgur.com/mfoGJBl and the G38


The Roadmap:
Units and Uniforms
Helemts and Vests

Sniper Gun Bag to carry a Sniper rifle and an primary weapon with ACE
and mayby Vehicles

Done and in Progress:
Units and Uniforms 85% complete
Backpacks 90 % complete
G38 55% complete

Vests 25% complete

Satcom 80% complete

Helmets 5% complete




SOC Gear





Next update in 2-3 weeks with G38 and Helmets

Feel free to give suggestions and ideas. I'll try to realize them all.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. I'll try support you so good as possible.

Special thanks to:
Road Runner for really great retextures
Ir0n1E for support me with this projekt
Marshal_Jud for support with Photoshop and textures
Qwer for helping with Configs
My Clan SRU for testing and support me



Ir0n1E alias BECK´s





DO NOT publish this on withSix. We only want it on Armaholic / thank you

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Yes you can help us ^^ we need an model for an Mich Helmet unbinarziert for our Mod.

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Do you want it just plain? or with all the bells and whistles like the addon? let me know via PM what you need mate.

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Added Gunpack for M107/G82

Added KSK/EGB Patches

Added 4 Versions of BWmod Patrolpack

Added 2 Versions of Arma 3 Vests


Known Issues

Gunpack has an Mass caculation problem with other weapons than the G82 BWmod

Gunpack has a problem with Arsenal when you have an weapon in the bag and currently the bag can not be accessed by a third person


to use our Gunpack you need to use the optional ACE 3 pbo

the option to use is in the ACE Menü under equipment.



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We know that our PBOs at the moment are not signed and this will  fixed shortly.

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+++New WIP Media and Infos+++


The model of the G38 is now the first time Ingame http://imgur.com/a/zSNMr rour plan for release is in the next 2 weeks. We give the standart models G38 (16,5 inch) and the G38K (14,5 inch) to the BWmod and it will released in the next version of the mod we think. The release of the C variants and custom designed will only released here in our mod. We plan varients with other textures like MTP and Desert Camo and  more.

Siganture files comming in the next update.

Satcom hm is in work but it will need more time.

Retexture of TFR Backpacks its still in work.
Orginal Leo Köhler Multicam is work in progress but ist very tricky to make.

Backbags i know that the textures a little bit  to dark on the current version of this mod i will fix it in the next update.

The work on the Helmets will start after the Weapon.

At the moment we search for an model what we can use in our mod for vests.

Best regrads the BSK Modding Team :)

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Hello, the BSK Team behind the Mod will now work for BWMod .
The G38 ist now still in Test and we will publish it in the next BWMod update.
Atm ist not safe that all the BSK stuff will receive in the BWMod.

Our Mission to support the German Arma Communtiys who Play German Special Forces its not broken we will push it in the BWMod this is the best way to accomplishing the Mission we think.

Best regrads BSK Mod Team  

PS. To use the Mod after last Arma version you must change the Name on the @ folder to German Special Forces.

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