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How to Transform editor Compositions into "AttachTo" combinations

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Is there a practical way to do that?


Something that can catch relative positions between  elements of  a composition made in the editor and then "converted" to be used with "attachTo" and "setVectorDirAndUp"?!?


I understand the logic of scripting, and also know relatively well, the "OFP/ARMA language"  but I really suck at combining both things (well).


Is not that simple, could be a potencial "very usefull" script!




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Well how I see it those compositions get saved in some kind of fileformat right.  I haven't investigated anything but my logical programmer mind would say why don't you parse that file format ?


- Learn how to read that format

- Write a parser that reads the format

- Write a writer that outputs in the attachTo, setVectorDirAndUp format


I'm not saying this would be easy, but this would be the way to go I guess.  The data is saved in some form or another learn to read and transform it.  This does not neccesairly has to be done in SQF.  You could write a C# or Java parser in theory

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Yeah. that´s it


-Get relative positions and direction between elements of composition

-Save it to something like an Array

-Pass the array into a syntz similar to this:

crate2 attachTo [truck2,[0,-2.65,-.75]];
crate2 setVectorDirAndUp [[1,0,0],[0,0,1]];




Problem for me is my slightly upwrds learning curve x the time I have to go further on this.   That wouldn´t be ready for Arma5 i think ;)


I hope that a good scripter like the idea and embrace that, at least for me that would be a very usefull tool.


thnx anyway

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