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GameUpdater Crashes Every Time (SOLVED)

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Good day.


When I use the GameUpdater utility found in Arma 3 Tools, I consistently get the following behavior:

1) I open GameUpdater, my account is logged in and works fine.

2) I set the installation directory to a "DevBranch" directory OR my default Arma 3 install directory (doesn't matter, I've tried both).




3a) If I click "Options" then the below error appears.





3b) Alternatively, if I click "Update" then the GameUpdater screen simply closes and nothing happens. No errors and it's not running in the background at all.




No logs are generated in the "\Arma 3 Tools\GameUpdater\logs" directory.

A log is generated in the "\Arma 3 Tools\Logs" directory and the error is shown below.

2016-04-22 14:29:14,301 [INFO]: =====================================================================
2016-04-22 14:29:14,317 [INFO]: == Begin of trace ==
2016-04-22 14:29:14,317 [INFO]: Available hard drive(s):
2016-04-22 14:29:14,317 [INFO]: Fixed C:\ - isReady=YES - totalFreeSpace= 70GB
2016-04-22 14:29:14,317 [INFO]: Fixed D:\ - isReady=YES - totalFreeSpace= 182GB
2016-04-22 14:29:14,317 [INFO]: Fixed E:\ - isReady=YES - totalFreeSpace= 111GB
2016-04-22 14:29:14,317 [INFO]: Fixed F:\ - isReady=YES - totalFreeSpace= 119GB
2016-04-22 14:29:14,317 [INFO]: Fixed P:\ - isReady=YES - totalFreeSpace= 182GB
2016-04-22 14:29:14,332 [INFO]: SteamCMD version:
2016-04-22 14:29:14,332 [INFO]: development version is:
2016-04-22 14:29:14,348 [INFO]: Install directory appears to be ok
2016-04-22 14:29:14,348 [INFO]: development/kvsignatures/InstallScript
2016-04-22 14:29:14,348 [INFO]: 6ea9384716248cba314fedd5ade98c62fa58da5599ca9b192dca2ff52941ca6dd3101cd1035001d746774a8ed1b457303090a4342c7ab106d582a56df0fb3462d6be5eacc5a4c32283bdddbb7f762da884dfd824fa133a55b45bf6a54b0357ab5693e21f7f5b481789fdc15eb53d46254a8f01f50c023bba68933b9ce59d07fb
2016-04-22 14:29:14,348 [INFO]: App_info source: D:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\GameUpdater\107410.data
2016-04-22 14:29:18,020 [FATAL]: == UnhandledException ==
2016-04-22 14:29:18,020 [FATAL]: Sender: gameupdater.My.MyApplication
2016-04-22 14:29:18,020 [FATAL]: Exception message: Conversion from string "" to type 'Integer' is not valid.
2016-04-22 14:29:18,020 [FATAL]: HResult: -2147467262
2016-04-22 14:29:18,020 [FATAL]: Message: Input string was not in a correct format.
2016-04-22 14:29:18,020 [FATAL]: Source: Microsoft.VisualBasic
2016-04-22 14:29:18,036 [FATAL]: StackTrace:    at Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Conversions.ParseDouble(String Value, NumberFormatInfo NumberFormat)
   at Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.Conversions.ToInteger(String Value)
2016-04-22 14:29:18,036 [FATAL]: TargetSite: ParseDouble
2016-04-22 14:29:18,036 [FATAL]: MethodHandle: 1467315180
2016-04-22 14:29:18,036 [FATAL]: Ms HelpLink: 

System Info

I'm running Windows 10 Home, if it matters.



Things I've tried


Verifying Arma 3 Tools cache integrity in Steam.

Switching from the stable Tools branch to the development branch.

Mounting the P/WorkDrive and running GameUpdater.

Reading the Tools and GameUpdater manuals.

Running naked through the streets and shrieking at the moon.



Please advise.

Thank you.

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I already have a fix ready. In the meantime, to fix the issue, open the Registry Editor (regedit), then navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bohemia Interactive\gameupdater" and check if you have these entries:

  • Branch // This one is probably missing
  • playSound
  • validate
  • handleSteam
  • path_d

If one or multiple entries are missing, you can add them manually and then change them from the option window of Game Updater.

"path_d"="D:\\Games\\steamapps\\common\\Arma 3 [development]"
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Worked like a charm. Thanks Tom!

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