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Early next week I am looking to add 3-5 new people to the team. These will be testers, active MP players, and screenshots or other duties are not required. We have a few folks here already that do it well. 

If interested in other areas please say so in your testing application. Lore, media, etc. 

We are in what i consider the final leg to the first release of Project RACS. Things are coming together very well.

What I am looking for: 

** Folks active in the discussions on this forum, our discord and in the Arma community.

** Interest in MP player casual activity. We need MP sessions to get testing feedback in those areas.

These needs will be filled via the current pool of tester apps and any new ones received. The ability to follow instructions, as well as details provided, combined with thorough responses are how we rank and choose personnel. Plus don't be douchey. We don't like douchey people. We also want people to be fans of what we are doing here... If you are applying to get the MTLBs or SAM systems for your personal clan or reskin for XYZ country..... don't bother. If interested please come to our discord. In the general channel you will find in the pinned messages a application as well as instructions where to send it. 



Finally as @Sekra has really transitioned his roles in the team I am looking for a mission editor/maker. Someone to take over his duties tweaking the community made missions we have for PRACS as well as maybe take some new ones on. We want to release with a handful of playable scenarios off the bat.

As always thank you all for your interest in Project RACS. Exciting things to come very soon.

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