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AI are unable to change out of a modified stance

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OBS: If the player uses team switch to switch away from a soldier unit that is in a modified stance, the now AI controlled unit becomes stuck in the modified stance. This can create undesired results such as AI being unable to move, unable to stop, unable to interact with objects or vehicles, able to run underwater etc.

EXP: AI controlled units should be able to recover from a modified stance and behave normally.


1. In 2D mission editor, place any soldier as the player. Place another nearby subordinate unit, set to playable.

2. Preview mission.

3. Team switch to unit 2.

4. Modify your stance (Ctrl+W or Ctrl+S) to any non standard stance

5. Team switch to unit 1.

6. Order unit 2 to move to some destination. Observe results.

7. Order unit 2 to switch to another stance, and move. Observe results.

7. Repeat test, leaving unit 2 in other modified stance.

If left in prone low, AI is unable to move.

If left prone left/right or prone upright, AI is able to move, but only if they want to be prone.

If left in crouch low, AI will be able to move unless they want to be crouched. If they want to be prone, AI will be unable to stop moving.

etc, etc

Tested in Stable 1.58.135656

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