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Desert retextures of RHS: AFRF vehicles

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The mod is now redundant: the textures are part of RHS: AFRF since patch 0.4.1.

This mod adds desert themed retextures of several vehicles found in RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.


I am not affiliated with Red Hammer Studios, and these retextures do not necessarily portray actual paint jobs used on their real world counterparts. That said, the content is meant to look authentic/believeable.

All textures in this mod originate from RHS: AFRF or the data released by BIS.

I'm too lazy for a proper photoshoot, but here's an album:


List of retextures

TV: 2S3

VDV: BMP-1/2, BTR-70, BTR-80, GAZ-66, UAZ, Ural

VPVO: ZSU-23-4

All variants of vehicles mentioned above are included, excl. armed UAZs. Additional vehicles (e.g. T-72) might be included after the next RHS patch.


RHS: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation


1. If you re-use any content in this mod, the credits specified must be retained or added to, but never removed.

2. This content can not be used on monetized servers, even if the server is approved for monetization by BIS.

3. Do not upload this mod, or any derivative of it, to the Steam Workshop. This is because the original authors (Red Hammer Studios) have the same policy.

4. Adhere to the terms of the EULA bundled with RHS: AFRF, which is required to use this addon.

The terms apply to the content of this Arma 3 addon and any derivative works, must be bundled with the addon and must not be altered or otherwise discarded.

The terms can only be lifted by the original authors (Red Hammer Studios) and their EULA.


Red Hammer Studios: original textures

BIS: original textures

Bear: new texture variations


Red Hammer Studios for their kind permission and Splendidâ„¢ work

Team One Tactical


Red Hammer Studios www.rhsmods.org

Team One Tactical www.teamonetactical.com


Download (28 MB)


Play withSIX

It's modular, just make sure you keep main.pbo.

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