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Task Force Athena - Semi-Realism Group

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Task Force Athena

A Semi-Realism Group



Who are we?
Task Force Athena was formed over 5+ months ago with a group of ArmA vets who wanted to create a unit to escape the hardcore milsim structure that has occupied other units. We strive to maintain a goofy, laid-back and comfortable environment throughout our unit. When we are ingame, we become serious tactical players who strives towards completing our objective(s). With over 15+ people now in the unit, we are reaching out to the outer community to begin expanding our branches and become a namesake in the ArmA community.
What do we do?
We run a variety of missions both on ALiVE and player created. The following are a few types of operations we have ran in the past:
  • Reconnaissance
  • Patrols (Combat, Deep, Etc.)
  • Humanitarian.
  • Direct Action.
  • Supportive Operations (Supply and Troop movement, airstrikes, etc.)
  • Much more! 
How do we operate?
We try to keep the operation as simple as possible. We do this by doing the following:
  • Joining - Members join the game and stand by.
  • Briefing - Members gather together to receive orders from CO. TL's and SL's take notes.
  • Organizing - Members are organized into squads/teams/elements as required.
  • Kitting - Members equip themselves based on the mission, their team and their squad.
  • Moving - Members move by foot/vehicle to the Area Objective.
  • Completing - Members commit to the mission and complete it as needed.
What do you use?
We use basic mods like ACE3, TFAR, CBA. We also use RHS, CUP_Terrains, Nimitz, Etc.
How can I reach you?
Teamspeak - Athena.ts.nfoservers.com
  • No age requirement. All we want is members who are friendly, work as a team and be mature
  • Legal copy of ArmA 3.
  • A microphone / headset.
  • Wanting to further the group and expand it.

Current Role Demands:

  • Crewman (Driver, Gunner, Commander, Etc) - MEDIUM
  • Infantry (AT, RTO, AR, Etc.) - VERY HIGH
  • Rotary Aviation (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Crew) - HIGH
  • Fixed-Wing Aviation (Pilots) - HIGH
  • Please note that while you WILL do these roles the majority of the time, you may be asked on occasion to do other roles (Especially for aviation / armor to do Inf).

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Update: 5/31/2016


It has been over 1-2 months since we opened our doors to the public and in that time, we have had many operations and seen many new faces in our ranks. Here is a quick rundown of the new changes and openings!



Team Leader CPL. Dieter works on getting the squad's medic PV2. Spuds stable during an intense firefight in a sandstorm.


We have been in numerous firefights of different sizes in different conditions. Because of this, our new members are now more experienced and there are now great stories to tell.





We have fully opened our aviation wing (for both rotary and fixed wing). Most aviators will be in the skies during the entire operation (You will actually be busy doing recon, CAS, transport, etc. Not just flying around for 5+ hours or sitting in a hangar). 



Members from Alpha Squad take a M1A1 Abrams out for familiarization on the driving course.


We also opened up our Armored branch as well, so for those looking to provide close armor support for infantry or moving through dangerous city streets or even having armor vs armor battles, look no further!



Members of Task Force Athena get familiarization with the ACE Artillery / Mortar system (Such as doing math calculations, range tables, etc.)


Our training has recently gone under a heavy rehaul. While still making it as short as possible (Because afterall it is still a game), we made sure SL's and TL's can cross train their troops in different parts of the infantry (such as Artillery shown here). Numerous other changes involving Land Nav, Firing Drills, Tactics, Etc have been revised and implemented into the new training course. 



So if this interests you, add me on Steam! (Still Mannulus with an [ATHENA] tag)

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