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BloodLust2 is now on the ArmA Reforger workshop!


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I dont see a Workshop link on Reforger Store page -linky ?


NeverMind didnt realize it was built in game

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2 hours ago, Can Kabadayi said:

hello i am new here. how do i install it together with CBA3 ? 

Its on the workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667953829

just sub to the mod and then start the game, arma 3 launcher will come up, load cba3 and the bloodlust mod and it should work.

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On 3/29/2022 at 6:54 PM, zooloo75 said:


Also just about everything is configurable in BloodLust. If you just want blood and no gibs, you can disable vaporization in the BloodLust settings. I made BloodLust as configurable as possible so people can have  any type of experience they want. The mod can be quite performant if the settings are tweaked to make it so. Disabling everything but blood splatters would result in a very consistent performance; all of the extras like bleeding and blood splashes, blood pooling, etc can be disabled if one wants just basic blood splattering onto surfaces when units are shot. This is what I originally had in the initial versions of BloodLust, and it’s enough for most use-cases. I wouldn’t recommend keeping much else enabled for typical playthroughs, as a lot of the features can be performance intensive at usual ArmA scales. I personally stick to playing little scenarios I put together in the editor with only a few units, and want all the bloody detail that I can get.


Hi @zooloo75 !


Just some my notes about issues/wishes.


I discovered that the setting - "Obliteration Triggering Ammo Class Names" has no obvious result. It just doesn't work.

At first I wanted to exclude the hand grenade as a trigger for Obliteration and I removed 'GrenadeCore' from your list but that didn't work!

Next, I turned off the entire list:

['MissileCore', 'RocketCore', 'TimeBombCore', 'GrenadeCore', 'ShellCore', 'BombCore']



and I saw that even without your trigger list, the Obliteration would still occur!

So exception/adding a obliteration trigger won't work.


Next issue. If the player uses the Enable Blood Pooling setting, he will get a flickering texture every time.

This looks strange, because vanilla blood not have any flickering problems.


Also my notes about the bleedout effects.

Two settings of your user are very much required:

a) Dropped Blood scaling

Your blood drops are too small and have a high spawn rate, which negatively impacts performance. If user will reduce the frequency for the drops, then he gets a performance gain but the blood is barely noticeable, because the drops are very small.

If the player had the ability to scaling dropped blood texture, then any user can found better balance could be found - bleedout effect scaling/game performance.

b) Checkbox for choose the vanilla blood texture.

As for the vanilla texture, it looks better in my opinion, because it has some transparency. Transparency creates effect of absorption into the ground. And most importantly, vanilla blood does not have a flicker glitches.


Please try fix issues and give to the player the above mentioned two setting, if this possible/

Thank you!



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Hi somebody can help me to install the mod for a folder, or leave me a download link, because the Lexus one, the characters only have bullet holes, no blood or loss of limbs

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