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Mouse - KingTop C-12 Zelotes some Buttons not working

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Hey everyone,


so here's the problem.

My girlfriend and I bought ourselves new mouses the "KingTop C-12 Zelotes" both the same.

We got 12 Buttons on it in total.

Of course Left Click + RIght Click etc.

How ever Button 12 is tripple fire(Basicly 3 mouse clicks).

All of these work fine but, button 4-9 won't work. We tried to setup with the ArmA 3 controls, tried to switch all of it to macros, ArmA won't react.


Does anyone have an idea or may actually a solution?

We do have this is problem in some other games, but in some they do work, so that's why I guess it's a problem by the game or basicly not completly supported.


Thanks in advance!





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