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Update of nonlocal object %NETID% called

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we are running an Altis Life server with @extDB2 and @asm. Since the last update 1.56 we've got some problems with

our server performance.


Sometimes if one player gets back to the lobby, our rpt log outputs the following message:

2016/04/14, 14:10:37 Client: Remote object 5:0 not found

After this message the rpt log gets spammed with the following message multiple times per second:

2016/04/14, 14:10:37 Update of nonlocal object 2:4527 called

We have tried to run the newest performance build but the same issue occured.

It does not happen every server session (6 hours).


Our server FPS are affected from the log spamming. Sometimes the log file is larger than 20 MB per session.


Is someone else also experiencing this issue?

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Sometimes it happens with other mission types other than life, but in that gamemode its much much more verbose (this has been going on ever since Altis Life was created to my knowledge).



try -nologs then the game won't bother writing any logs anymore.

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