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Recruiting 1 dev for our mission framework ! job will be payed !

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Hi, everyone,

We need a good skilled arma 3 scripter developer !

To finish a multiplayer mission for arma 3 !

The work is almost finished, but not everything is working like it should be !

As there is no mod like this to get inspiration or to simply use others mission framework

We need to finish this by ourselves ! but that its not possible since we are not good dev's !


The dev should know how to use arma 3 scripting methods,

manage msql databases (extdb2), create own functions,

and know how to use arma 3 tools and 3rd party software !

We will pay for the job !

Dev should be free for the job immediately today or tonight !



thanks for contacting me in private for more info

ad me as friend on the forum, or on steam look for "DoomneT"

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