We're down, but not out. From the Team that was working on War Chronicles, the WW2 total conversion that was killed so young, comes another planned total modification:

War Chronicles: The Forgotten War aims to bring the chaos and conflict of the Korean War to Arma 3, and we believe ourselves the first team in Arma's history to attempt such a project.     Known as the Forgotten War, the war in Korea was the only time during the Cold War that the forces of the United Nations and those of the Communist world clashed in direct military conflict, pitting American infantrymen against North Koreans, British infantry against the might of Red China, and a whole plethora of nations against the behemoth threat of international communism. This modification spans the years of the Korean War, 1950 -1953, and intends to accurately represent the men and women who fought in a war now largely forgotten in the Western World.   US Marines racing past a dead enemy soldier in Korea/September 1950. It will bring historically accurate content to your fingertips. We’re planning to gradually include all the principle nations involved in the conflict, from the armies of the United States, Britain, Australia and Canada on the side of the South Koreans to the behemoth that was the Chinese war machine and their North Korean Allies. Our initial release will mainly be weapons, but we have plans to eventually expand into a total modification for the game. Considering that some 50 nations were involved in some capacity, it may not be possible to represent them all, but we will do our best to get as many as we can in.   Once the infantry weapons and uniforms have been released, we will start work on the vehicles and armour available to all sides. A whole myriad of different vehicles will be implemented such as Patton tanks, MIG fighter aircraft, transport and attack helicopters, and even some limited naval units. As far as we aware, this will include some of the first instances of these units ever ported into Arma, including the first Centurion tank.
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