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warefare not loading and flickering graphics bug

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I wasnt gonna post this but i remember over a year i searched n searched without finding any answer so ill post what i figured out after too many hours trying.



1. (warfare not loading)  if uve ever played warfare missions and when u click continue after the map briefing u see the "LOADING (may take a few minutes)" u wait for 10 minutes and nothing and base gets built by ai etc etc but all black, well it doesnt always work, but most of the time consistantly it does, its very strange but i discovered before you click continue, zoom on the map till u start to see the textures of the ground (the green etc) and scroll around the entire map till the white squares stop appearing and building , so you can scroll with all green and smooth so "no white squares appearing", oddly i can consistantly get "most" of the warfare missions to work by doing this strange step, some still dont, but most do. its the only solution ive figured out for now bout warfare missions not loading, but it works usually.



2. (graphics/HUD flickering)  if uve ever had everything glitch between lower than low graphics to normal constant as well as anything on hud disapear and re appear constant with an fps loss of like 20 or more..


in ur options, the setting of how much memory u have onboard,,, i know there is a performance gain by using "default" but i was desperate to figure out how to stop the glitching and fps drop making it unplayable, last thing i tried was that, for my specific rig i decided to try a different choice other than default out of desperation, i tried from high to low and on the medium setting to my shock and surprise.. the glitching stopped and so did the hud disapearing and reappearing and i gained more fps!.. i spent a very long time trying to find a fix for this problem and i have fixed it with a way i left at the bottom of the list for causing it... so simple, so stupid, so solved and happiness playing my favorite military game.

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