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Arma 3 Development Compensation

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We had a modder attempt this.  Look up ".kju"  


This guy basically created the basis for what we now know as the CUP packs.  Back in the day it was called AiA and he spearheaded the whole thing doing most of the development work.  He tried to rely on donations and posted the results of his experiment to live off of doing mod work for Arma 3: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/177324-do-donations-work-for-arma-modders/#entry2782783


The end result was that trying to live off of donations for his mod work is completely unsustainable.  This guy wasn't just running a sever, he was building a fundamentally important modpack to the community on par with a mod like ACE, ACRE, RHS, etc.  


If you really want to work on Arma 3 for a living, like others have suggested, I recommend trying to get a job at BIS.

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