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Weapon Switching on the Move

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Just received the update 1.58. BIS, thank you for your work!


I have not noticed any problems with switching weapons while moving.

I'm not sure, but I have a feel, that the animation of changing launchers that was accelerated.


As seems to me, now it look too fast. Also the speed switch to launcher and back during the sprint is too fast.

Any manipulation with Launcher, happens very quickly, even the entrance to the full aiming mode (at right mouse button) as seems to me happens also too fast. Maybe it would look bearable for an RPG-42. But if the player works with the Titan launcher, then as seems to me, such speeds is unacceptable.


BIS, think about it. Probably the Titan launcher is the more heavy hand-weapons in ARMA, but when the player take it in the your hand, then there is a sense that it is made from cardboard. Please give him more weight by means more slower animations at work with it. 

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Also, is it possible to make it so that when the current switched to weapon is pressed it will revert back to the primary? E.g. I take my pistol out, press the pistol button again and it will switch to my primary rifle. Same goes for launcher.

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