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One year after the ACE3 announcement, we would like to present to you our latest project, over one year in the making. Advanced Banana Environment 3.


Have you ever found that your Arma 3 game lacks when it comes to immersion? Realism? User friendliness? Worry no more! ABE3 comes with various enhancements and improvements to realism, functionality and user experience.

We have added improved fragmentation, grenades, vehicles and more. But that is not all! When installing ABE3, you will even gain a personal assistant that will help you play your game by offering valuable advise when you need it.


Wait no longer, and install ABE3 now. Download from our GitHub.


Disclaimer: Advanced Banana Environment is a project from the ABE3 team. Any representation to real life bananas is purely coincidence. The ABE3 team does not endorse or advertise any specific brand or race of bananas. All bananas encountered within the Advanced Banana Environment modification are purely fictional.



Advanced Banana Environment is an Arma 3 mod that aims to compliment the ACE3 project, with a CBA A3 and ACE3 requirement. The project is entirely open-source and all contributions are welcome. Feel free to maintain your own custom version, so long as the changes you make are open to the public in accordance with the Arma Public License (APL).


The mod is built modularly, so almost any included PBO can be easily removed from the configuration. This way, a team can maintain its own tailored version of ABE AddOns by simply excluding any components they don't need, or those possibly in conflict with other add-ons

The ACE Team

Core Features

  • Scout vehicles
  • Improved grenades
  • Realistic hitmarkers
  • Immersive gameplay hints
  • User interface improvements

Documentation for our features, modules, usage and for developers is available on our wiki at our github repo.

Download version 1.0.0.

Previous releases are available on our github release page.

Latest version of CBA A3.
Latest version of ACE3.


  • Download the above linked version of ABE3 and all of its requirements.
  • Extract its contents (@abe) into your arma root directory (arma 3\@abe)
  • Enable CBA, ACE and ABE in your favorite launcher, or make a shortcut with the parameter -mod=@CBA_A3;@ace;@abe
  • Done.

Working With Us

ABE3 is entirely open source, and you can find our project on GitHub. If you are interested in working with us get involved, if you are regularly suggesting and committing features and bug fixes to us that we accept then you'll probably get asked to join the team officially. If you aren't doing work directly on ACE3, keep at it. We are always scouting the best talent in this community and looking to mature good projects by bringing individuals and teams officially on board with us!

Reporting issues
If you encounter any issues during usage of the ABE3 project, please report them on our GitHub issue tracker.

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Where can we see the bananas in action? I've never been so excited.

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The combat assistant is super helpful, I won't be able to fight properly now without his help!

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Where can we see the bananas in action? I've never been so excited.

Download the mod and play with it. :)

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