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Constant FPS drops on an brand new laptop.

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I have bought this laptop like 5 months ago and as far as I can tell, it should be able to run ARMA2 CO (Steam) quite well.


Acer Aspire V15 Nitro (Black Edition)

Windows 10 64bit

Intel ® Core™ i7-4720HQ 2.60GHz


NVIDIA Geforce GTX860M 4GB (along with an integrated Intel HD4600)

1TB HDD 5400RPM + 128GB SDD


The game runs steadily on high settings on 30-40 FPS for like the first 5 minutes. Then after that, the FPS keeps dropping down to 10 and then going back up (which lasts like 5 seconds) at random times. The more I play, the more often it occurs as well, rendering the game completely unplayable.


It doesn't even matter what is going on on the screen, if it's in the menu, options or game itself. I could be looking at the sky, and the FPS would still drop.


I have tried everything, playing only vanilla game, reinstalling it, turning off the AAM/APM for my HDD, using Game Booster/Razor Cortex, turning off my internet and defragmenting my HDD. I've also scanned for any viruses, malware or other malicious programs and turned off all the unnecessary stuff in the background.


Does anyone know what is going on here? I am not exactly expert on Hardware/Software stuff so I'd appreciate if someone could help. :/


Thanks in advance!


EDIT: I should also mention that I had the very same problem with ARMA3, but solved it (or at least minimized the amount of times it happened) by turning off the AAM/APM for HDD. It doesn't do anything for ArmA2 unfortunately..

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Try running the game with -nosplash -nofilepatching and -nologs parameters. 

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