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Arma3.exe failure

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Hello guys,


Arma3 crashs randomly while joining a server or when playing on one.

Most times no message appears, it hard closes the application.


Since the last update I'm not more able to join a server. Every game

type or mission is loading and the game crashs almost at the same time.




It's almost the same failure structure only the hexcode is different.

(Well it a RAM error for the non-German guys - but not all the time)


This game sux so hard and every update makes it a litte bit more worse, but

well if it works some kind of day, its fun, so I want to fix this issue.


Has anyone of you an idea?




Software and hardware were up to date and absolutly modern.

Steam failure searching brings no application error on sight.

Delete the old mission files and all tmp shit, doesn't help, too.



So whats the next step to get this ... working again?

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Problem got solved by setting the malloc to system.


Well I read this should be fixed by patch in past, but it seems like it didn't.

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