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Karl Sauer

Battlegroup Falke (EU, British Army, Mods)

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 Battlegroup Falke


Battlegroup Falke is a British Light Infantry 'Milsim' unit. As you will notice on our website, our unit name is fictional. This is to pay due respect to currently serving military units and to reflect an apolitical stance on world events. However for the purposes of authenticity, we have chosen to base our organization on the standard British Infantry. 


What we are looking for:

- Mature, active, and reliable members.

- Applicants interested in utilizing realistic tactics and squad layouts. 

- Members able to make our weekly events. (Sunday at 8PM GMT+1 till around 10-11PM GMT+1)



We offer:

- A fun and friendly community of players, without any shouting/screaming Drill Sergeants.

- Open recruitment opportunities for various roles within our Infantry.

- A continous developing internal campaign, with longterm goals and effects.

- A unit lead by people with experience from various realism communities.

- An always open Teamspeak ( Adress: ts3.swifthosting.dk:12417 ).


How to join:

Submit an application following the standard form in the "Recruitment Office" on our forums.




Any questions can be directed towards myself on Steam

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