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[ALiVE, COOP 19, SP] British Shield

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A large hostile force has invaded the peaceful region of N'Ziwasogo in Southern Africa.  UN Forces have been pushed back and are ferociously attempting to hold back the tide of enemy troops , armor, and vehicles pouring into the region.    You and the rest of 3 Commando Brigade have been dispatched to assist the besieged UN Forces and to help organize a decisive counterattack to push back the aggressors and bring peace to the region.


Features of this mission:


-Already set up for ALiVE persistence on a dedicated server.

-Already pre set up for Headless Client support

-Persisent, living full map campaign

-Vehicle spawners, Troop spawners, Virtual Arsenals

-Full ALiVE suite of features, Commander abilities, Close Air Support, Helo Transport, Logistics abilities.

-Designed to play with up to 19 players in Coop, or can be enjoyed in SP.

-Multi Respawn at 3 FOBs

-VCOM Driving AI included (script version so no mod needed)


MODS Needed:


CBA (on steam workshop) 

ALiVE (Release version) (On Steam Workshop) www.alivemod.com

ACE 3 (on steam workshop)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

SpyderAddons (on steam workshop)

Task Force Radio (on steam workshop)


**Note** VCOM Driving AI is already included in scripted form, so there is no need to have it active as a mod as well.


Recommended Mods:




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So your Ocelot Foxhound LPPV - V1 link is broken.. what do?


Foxhound isn't used in British Shield.  It is used in British Steel, another of my missions.  I've updated the Foxhound link today so it's working again.

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