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Grumpy Old Man

[Release] GOM - Skydive from car and paraglide

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GOM_fnc_skydivingCar 1.0 and GOM_fnc_paraglide 1.1

by Grumpy Old Man

Purpose of these scripts:

Enable players to parachute out of an airborne car (Island best suited for this = Isla Abramia by icebreakr),

also allow players to paraglide using a parachute backpack and a short sprint.



I made these scripts as a little side project,

some of you already know what I'm working on,

the rest of you will see it in the foreseeable future, heh.



GOM_fnc_skydivingCar will safely add a parachute to units leaving a vehicle mid-air, it will also eject AI units from the same group as the player, as soon as the player ejects.

GOM_fnc_paraglide will work if the unit has a parachute backpack equipped and is sprinting for a short amount of time (default 3 seconds).

When doing this on a slope you're pretty much guaranteed of getting airborne.


How to use this script:
At first copy the spoiler contents into 2 files and name them accordingly.



params ["_veh",["_boom",false]];
_veh setvariable ["GOM_fnc_skydivingCarBoom",_boom];
_veh addEventHandler ["GetOut",{

    _spawn = _this spawn {

        params ["_veh","","_unit"];
        _unit setvariable ["GOM_fnc_jumping",true];

        if !(isTouchingGround _veh) then {

            waituntil {vehicle _unit isEqualTo _unit};
            _dir = getDir _veh;
            _unit allowdamage false;
            _unit switchmove "AfalPercMstpSnonWnonDnon";
            _unit setdir _dir;
            sleep 0.3;

            if (count units group _unit > 1) then {


                    _jump = _x spawn {

                        if (_this getvariable ["GOM_fnc_jumping",false] OR _this isEqualTo player) exitwith {true};

                        sleep random [0.2,0.3,0.5];
                        moveOut _this;


                } foreach (units group _unit - [_unit]);


            _pos = getPosATL _unit;
            _chute = "Steerable_Parachute_F" createVehicle _pos;
            _chute setdir _dir;
            _chute setposATL _pos;
            _unit moveindriver _chute;
            _unit allowdamage true;
            if (_veh getvariable ["GOM_fnc_skydivingCarBoom",false]) then {

                waituntil {isTouchingGround _veh};
                _veh setdamage 1;
                _vel = velocity _veh;
                _vel params ["_vx","_vy","_vz"];
                _veh setvelocity [_vx,_vy,_vz + 5];




In the editor place:

  1. Player unit
  2. Car
  3. (Optional) a Ramp
  4. In the cars init field put: nul = [this,true] execVM "GOM_fnc_skydivingcar.sqf";
  5. Drive over a ramp or anything else suitable to get the car airborne
  6. Eject mid-air



Bool for destroying the car after jumping out (true,false).





params ["_unit",["_records",false]];

if !(backpack _unit isEqualTo "B_Parachute") exitWith {hint "Equip a valid backpack first";true};
waituntil {_unit isEqualTo vehicle _unit};

while {_unit isEqualTo vehicle _unit} do {

    waituntil {speed _unit > 20};

    sleep 3;

    if (speed _unit > 20 AND isTouchingGround _unit) then {

        _pos = getPosASL _unit; _pos set [2,(_pos select 2) + 4];
         _chute = "Steerable_Parachute_F" createVehicle [0,0,500];
        _chute setdir getdir _unit;
        _unit allowdamage false;
        _chute setposASL _pos;
        _chute setvelocity velocity player;
        _unit moveindriver _chute;
        _unit allowdamage true;

        if (_records) then {

            _stats = [_unit] spawn {

                params ["_unit"];
                _flighttime = 0;
                _distance = 0;
                _displayflightTime = "";
                _pos = getposASL vehicle _unit;
                _startTime = time;
                _distance = 0;

                while {alive _unit AND !(_unit isEqualTo vehicle _unit)} do {

                uiSleep 0.01;
                _flighttime = time - _startTime;
                _displayflightTime = [(_flighttime / 3600),"HH:MM:SS"] call BIS_fnc_timetostring;
                _distance = _distance + (_pos distance (getposASL vehicle _unit));
                _pos = getPosASL vehicle _unit;
                _windspeed = vectorMagnitude wind * 3.6;
                hintsilent format ["Windspeed: %1km/h.\nDirection: %2°.\n\nTime airborne: %3.\nDistance traveled: %4m.",round _windspeed,round winddir,_displayflightTime,round _distance];

                _oldRecord = profileNamespace getVariable ["GOM_fnc_paraglideRecord",[]];

                if (_oldRecord isEqualTo []) then {

                    systemchat format ["%1 finished his first paraglide! Flight time: %2! Distance: %3 meters! Congratulations!",name _unit,_displayflightTime,round _distance];
                    profileNamespace setVariable ["GOM_fnc_paraglideRecord",[_flightTime,_distance]];
                    player setVariable ["GOM_fnc_paraglideRecord",[_flightTime,_distance]];

                } else {

                    _oldRecord = profileNamespace getVariable ["GOM_fnc_paraglideRecord",[0,0]];
                    _oldRecord params ["_oldFlightTime","_oldDistance"];
                    _text1 = "";
                    _text2 = "";
                    _setTime = _oldFlightTime;
                    _setdistance = _oldDistance;
                    _displayflightTime = [(_flighttime / 3600),"HH:MM:SS"] call BIS_fnc_timetostring;
                    _displayOldflightTime = [(_oldFlightTime / 3600),"HH:MM:SS"] call BIS_fnc_timetostring;

                    if (_oldFlightTime > _flighttime) then {_text1 = format ["Unfortunately he couldn't beat his old flight time record which still stands at %1!",_displayOldflightTime]} else {_text1 = format ["He beat his old flight time record of %1, the new one stands at %2!",_displayOldflightTime,_displayflightTime];_setTime = _flighttime;};

                    if (_oldDistance > _distance) then {_text2 = format ["His old distance record remains to be beaten, which is a whopping %1 meters!",round _oldDistance]} else {_text2 = format ["His old distance record of %1 meters has been beaten, the new one is a whopping %2 meters!",round _oldDistance,round _distance];_setdistance = _distance;};

                    profileNamespace setVariable ["GOM_fnc_paraglideRecord",[_setTime,_setdistance]];
                    player setVariable ["GOM_fnc_paraglideRecord",[_setTime,_setdistance]];
                    systemchat format ["%1 finished a new paraglide flight!",name player];
                    systemchat _text1;
                    systemchat _text2;







In the editor place:

  1. Player unit
  2. In the players init field put: nul = [this] execVM "GOM_fnc_paraglide.sqf";
  3. Run downhill on a slight downward slope without a weapon (be above 20km/h for the parachute to open)
  4. (Optional) Use second parameter to enable record tracking (longest distance, longest duration airborne)


Update 1.1:

Added display of wind speed, wind direction, time airborne and distance travelled during flight to GOM_fnc_paraglide.



Wanted to thank icebreakr for constantly releasing awesome and inspiring maps for free, his most recent release of Isla Abramia inspired me to work on these 2 small scripts.

Same goes to LordJarhead who is constantly updating and maintaining one hell of a mod.


A lot of people would have long stopped playing arma if it were not for those 2 guys, thanks for all your effort.



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Updated GOM_fnc_paraglide.

Could expand it for serverwide flight comparison if there's interest.



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Hey GOM, great work with this script...I'm already thinking a SP mission to take advantage of it.

Just one question:

There's any way to have AI teammates to follow you in paragliding?

Example scenario: you and your AI team achieve your objectives on top of high mountain and "exfil" AO by paragliding  to extraction area. Possible?

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AI in parachutes are usually trouble, most of the time they slam into the ground, killing themselves.

On top of that they can't keep formation when in a parachute. Maybe there's a solution forcing them to stay in formation with setvelocity, but that sure would look wonky as heck.

If I find a solution I'll post it here.



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AI in parachutes are usually trouble, most of the time they slam into the ground, killing themselves......



If I may, maybe you could give them a "allowDamage false" while they are on the air until they touch the ground...like some HALO mods do?

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I usually solve this with an eventhandler, check if the unit is inside a parachute vehicle and the damage being inflicted by the unit itself.

This way you can still have hostile units take out troops in parachutes.

    _noCollisionEH = _unit addEventHandler ["HandleDamage",{
    _return = _damage;
    if (vehicle _unit isEqualTo vehicle _damageCause) then {_return = 0};

This still won't resolve the AI pathfinding though, when in parachutes they seem to aim straight to the ground, ignoring all waypoints/move orders.



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