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ARMA C# & JS (NodeJS) Extension - Compile on the fly

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This is an extension/mod that will allow you to compile/run C# on the fly to ease rapid development of a c# ARMA extension


The mod has only 2 functions:


Load some c# or javascript, returns a pointer

_pointer = [_path_to_cs] call ARMAEXT_fnc_load

Run the script and return the results

_result = [_pointer, _args] call ARMAEXT_fnc_run;

The c# has to implement the follow pattern so its as close as possible to the actual DllExport:


class Startup {
    public static stirng Invoke(string input)
return "Hello World";

  • All paths starting .\ will be relative to ARMACS.dll
  • Additional libraries can be loaded as follows: #r ".\lib.dll" or #r "c:\path\to\lib.dll or #r "System.Data.dll"
  • Output is set to 10k
  • If you use this on clients, DISABLE BATTLEYE!
This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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