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Eden: Object classes (with a side) are missing from Asset Browser

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Arma build: both public and dev build 1.57.134914

There is a major issue in Eden editor, where the Asset Browser does not list any objects with a side.

This means all objects defined in a mod, (like TacBF has), are inaccessible to create a mission, which makes this rather urgent.

At this stage, I think it's the side property which is causing the problem, but cannot be sure.

It does list objects with a side of 4 (unknown side), but not 0 or 1. Unsure about 2 or 3.

#define sideEast 0
#define sideWest 1
#define sideResistance 2
#define sideCivilian 3
Note: the side assets do not appear in any of the other (4/)5 coloured Side tabs either (BLUFOR, OPFOR, Independent, Civilian, Props)


This Eden screenshot shows a class which cannot be found in Asset Browser, but is listed in Entity Browser.

y3mW5APOKQYPzQhFe35Xy52STq0VEOhPZfkNfHTN Screen shot 1

This Eden screenshot shows 3 neutral (unknown side) classes which are found in Asset Browser,

but there should also be 3 west and 3 east variations of each of these assets.

y3mNUMMVd7l3c6Uu7jvqy-oZeqplF3R7oN1LYyPv Screen shot 2

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