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Dedicated Server Keeps Crashing / Normal Hosting works fine

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I started having a problem with my dedicated server a couple of weeks ago.
The problem is, after 5 - 10 minutes, the dedicated server (arma2oaserver.exe) stops responding and crashes, I tried disabling all of the mods, tried changing the order in which they are activated, tried removing some of them, tried verifying the integrity of the game cache, tried changing memory allocator, but I kept getting the crashes.
Oddly enough, I can host a server effortlessly through the normal game's "Host a New Server"
These are the mods I currently use:
Tried searching BIStudio's forum aswell as ArmaHolic, but I couldn't find anything related to this problem... Tried some fixes for similar problems, but nothing that could help me so far...
You can see the Server's RPT FILE in here

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Dont use CBA CBA_A2 and CBA_OA?  Use CBA_CO only! 

Also Jay Arma 2 LIB is already part of ACRE so why do you have it in your modlist as separate mod?

Also Use TFAR instead of ACRE. TFAR is more reliable, and more stable. I tried ACRE for long time before i gave up on its constant issues.




Post Server RPT Here! Not on some shady site.

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