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I made a video tutorial series for the Eden Editor

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On 26-2-2017 at 7:46 PM, JoeyCare said:

Great man. There's a shortage of video tutorials on arma 3. Do you have any scripting experience in SQF? Just getting started in SQF, and would love for more video tuts on that.


I only know a few basic commands, definitely not enough to write scripts myself. I just use snippets of what I know to accomplish some basic stuff. I did a new video and I do a bit of work with some basic stuff in custom .sqf files though!



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SIC you've been extremely helpful. I recently started learning how to create a simple mission but i didn't have the time to watch all of your videos. To be honest i'm having a hard time understanding scripts and such but I'm getting to it. I was wandering if i can move an AI soldier with a move action then make him do an animation (with playmove), move him again and have him do another animation; all this in the init of the said AI or using a trigger. Well I think it's possible I just don't know how to do it :) :) and how about an AI with a car that picks the player up, then loads another AI and drops to another location first the player then the AI but in a single trip.

sorry for the demanding post and my bad english but you're the most helpful guy i found so far. i know my requests aren't really part of a "simple" mission but i'm struggling because i need to succeed in this hahaha

thanks in advance and happy holidays to you all :)

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