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enableSimulation messing up weapon crates.

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So correct me if im wrong here, but if you use 

this enableSimulation false;

on a weapons crate, that is only to make sure it wont be affected by gravity? For example if you place it on a table and dont want it to fall off.


Because that what it seems to have been doing exclusively for the past week while i've been creating and testing my mission.


Now today, i couldnt grab or place, any weapons or items from my weapon crates. And after some experimentation i found out that it was enableSimulation that did this.


Things i've tried:


Disabling all mods, and creating a new mission from scratch, plopping down a regular soldier as player, add in an ammo box and set its name to ammo1, and init to "ammo1 enableSimulation false;"


use the debug menu to toggle enableSimulation to true and false. (true allowed me to place/grab items, false didnt)


utilizing both SP editor and MP editor.




I initially started using it last week, after an extensive test of the mission caused ammo crates to eventually start jumping around on the tables i had put them on, eventually falling off. After i set enableSimulation to false, i did a recheck, and i could now see the crates hovering SLIGHTLY above the tables, but i could still use them normally. Infact, we played the mission for about 2 hours yesterday with no issues in regards to the ammo crates. (still hovering slightly above, and crates did not fall off the tables, didnt even move an inch.)




Now i had to fix something else in the mission, and upon one of my tests i needed a weapon, but today, i couldnt use any of the crates that had enableSimulation set to False, all other crates worked normally.


Can anyone reproduce? Any idea of what has happened here?

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Upon review, does this belong in the Arma 3 - Editing and scripting section? If so, could a mod please move it?

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Using "this enableSimulation false" on an ammobox will disable moving content from the container to the player when using "Inventory" to access it.

Setting the ammobox as an Arsenal however works.

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