Single-player urban combat mission.   All-out gang warfare has erupted on the streets of Pyrgos and you’ve got to gather some supplies and get out! The two gangs – the Reds and the Blues – will ruthlessly murder anyone not wearing their colours. Luckily, wearing gang colours is as simple as putting on a coloured baseball cap. You start only with one cap from one gang: it’s up to you to scavenge weapons, collect your supplies and escape the town.     Mission Features Requires no addons. Infinite gang war. As Red and Blue gang members die, reinforcements enter town to carry on the fight. This battle will never end. Save the game any time by visiting your house in the middle of Pyrgos. Choose to play at any time of day. Random dynamic weather (by Meatball). Corpse clean-up to keep the mission running smoothly. Feel like a greater challenge? Try to accomplish the mission with some or all of the optional “bonus†objectives: Pacifist. Can you win the mission without killing anyone? Killer. Get revenge. Kill 50 Blue gang members and 50 Red gang members before escaping. Click here for YouTube video of mission gameplay.   Download Steam Workshop (recommended) Direct Download For more of my missions, click here.