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Making Tasks work properly, cant get it right!

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Hi fellas,


since I´m allowed to ask here for help, this is what I do then, cause I need it kinda desperately!


Whatever mission I made, my main problem was always to get tasks work properly. JIP, mission ending conditions by "whole group" and so on...


My last approach worked actually kinda well, using the FHQ Task Tracker. At least while I was hosting a MP from my gaming pc (locally).., but since  we ("clan") changed to


a dedicated server, tasks are not even showing up anymore at all!


My main goal is to be able to create a working mission structure like following:




- MP / COOP, ideally with JIP 


- 2 or 3 Tasks, dont care if they are already assigned or not on mission start


- Extractionzone triggering the end, only when whole group present and all Tasks done


- Dedicated Server compatible


Doesnt sound too difficult, but I just dont get it right...




I´ve seen many posts about this topic and there are a few tutorials as well, unpacked countless pbo´s, but I´m just stucked.


If there is somebody out there, willing to help, for example by reviewing my last mission, or help me creating a template for myself, this would be more then appreciated.


I´m even willing to pay for help. 







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hey mate. i am new to arma 3 mission making (just hit 100h in the editor). i created 2 missions since arma was released and both work without problems on my dedicated.


after realizing that you need to use other commands when doing mp missions i searched for coop frameworks. in the end i chose FHQ Tasktracker + FSMedit to work with. it basically takes care of the task system and provides JIP support.


i started with this:



its a bit out of date, (because we now have remoteExec to work with) but the tutorial about the convoy ambush is 99% working (just a spelling mistake in the code and 1 minor change to one command).

after i had finished the tutorial i understood how the fasttracker was working and it was basically just  4-5 new commands i needed.


so let me know if you need any details. i think i still have my version of the tutorial somewhere (needs whole cup package though). if you are interested i could upload it and you can check it out. although i recommend trying to do the tutorial on your own first :)


so i used the tutorial to work with FSMedit and make multiple objects and so on. just learn to work with it.

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Thank you 0lonson for your great help!!!


Also thanks to BI Forum for letting people ask for help. We did all via PM´s.



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