As the title says, if you set a unit as owner of a trigger and set the trigger to fire for example to any group member, it will only fire to the OWNER. Doesn't matter what option you choose (leader, all group members, any group members) it will only fire to the owner. This affects both single player and multiplayer. Although the .SQM appears to be correctly coded, in practice it does not work as intended.   I'm trying to make a mission with a trigger that only fires to a single group and it's nearly impossible to make it work. The alternative is using "unit1 in thisList" but even this alternative isn't flawless because if the "unit1" doesn't exist, the function doesn't return either TRUE or FALSE resulting in the condition to be incomplete and not work at all. The workaround I found is using endless IFs (numberOfUnitsInGroup ^2) to check wether or not - first of all - wether or not that unit exists "!isNill "unit1" and if it exists it THEN adds the function of "unit1 in thisList". Because you have to check for every unit and every possible combination of wether or not the pawn was created in the mission, it makes a simple operation of setting trigger owner and setting to any group member, unbelievably complex to solve. Another alternative that I haven't tried is using a switch that perhaps could facilitate the madness of using tree IFs.   The only way to make the Trigger Owner method to work correctly ONCE in eden is if you make this method in 2D editor and export to 3D editor. It will work ONCE when you run the mission but once you return back to editor it appears the .SQM is rewritten and stops working.   This is an unbelievable bug that did not exist in the old 2D editor and should be fixed with high priority.