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[RELEASE] RealWeatherSys Dynamic Weather platform. (Alpha Build) 0.2a

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Designed to be lightweight only generating 1 - 2 threads at a time. I will improve on it at a later date.





Additional things that will be coming in the future:

  • Improve weather generation cycle to have more  gradient change current sinewave generator "works" will need fine tuning
  • Segmentation of client and server code better
  • Improve performance (again)
  • move to completely server-side execution mainly
  • add back in lightning / thunder generating system (currently broken)

Change Log:
Version 0.11a (PENDING)

  • [uPDATED] Debugging functions
  • [uPDATED] Gradient Curve change improvements
  • [ADDED] _locally defined initial parameters now .hpp file
  • [ADDED] _executionPrecheck functions to confirm a file has indeed run and is completed
  • [ADDED] Macros for debugging functions.
  • [ADDED] debugging function also script limiter. Makes sure all code is initialized before completely executing each script.
  • [ADDED] Documentation of each function.
  • [CHANGED] Beaufort Model system reduced in size 14 lines now replaced all switch cases.

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I can not access the download you added to the page you submitted on Armaholic, permission has been requested :)

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