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56th Pararescue Squadron Realism/Mil-Sim Team

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56th Pararescue Squadron





Do you like landing into hot LZ to extract downed team members and civilians?

Do you like working under pressure?

Do you want a mil-sim team which isn't to over the top?



We are a stand alone division from within the Lowland Warrior Arma 3 mil-sim team based on the Pararescue teams of the USAF we use ACE3 Advanced Medical systems to add realism to what our team does for allied teams which request our help are missions are ran at GMT/ Zulu time as division is European Based.


We are currently recruiting for both squadrons the 56th & 106th

Vacancies are

PJ/ Combat Medic
Helicopter Pilot (Experienced/ Inexperienced)
Helicopter Navigator (Experienced/ Inexperienced)
Helicopter Crew Members (Experienced/ Inexperienced)

PJ/ Combat Medic Role


The PJ's are the elite ground forces that provide our Allies & Lowland Warrior team with the capability to execute these noble responsibility of Rescue, Recover & Return of Lowland Warrior or Allied team members in times of danger or extreme duress we also are used a spare sections when needed.


160th Pilots & Crew Role


The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment’s mission is to organize, equip, train, resource and employ Army special operations aviation forces worldwide in support of contingency missions. 160th Pilots have the mission of getting us as close to the causalities as possible whilst the crew have the task of keeping the helicopter secure for ex-filtration by the PJ's whilst providing cover, when not flying PJ's in the 160th are used by the lowlands warrior team to fly attack helo's and transport helo's.


Both of these roles are explained more within the forum, feel free to register and have a look around our website and hopefully you will enjoy your stay.


If this sounds like a team which you would like to join the pop by our website and have a look around



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56th Are looking for the following roles to be filled for pending joint operations once the team is ready


160th Pilots and crew


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