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Write scripts within the game.

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It would be pretty handy to have it in game but I don't think it's is essential. The devs have more important things to do

Em, I think a seamless scripting workflow with automatic recompile on each file save would improve even BIS developers' productivity, not to mention the happiness of the community ;)

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There are more than enough options currently (Atom based, NotePad++ based, Sublime based) too, all with really nice features. All of these are very advanced editors, Poseidon eg. is semi-official, it's  almost an IDE (well, environment for sure, but not Integrated) but if you code a lot, you'll have your own workflow and no matter who makes it, there always will be personal preferences. Many current languages don't have but only 3rd party IDEs too, so I don't think it's such a big problem.


To tell you the truth, my Arma environment is the fastest, even better than Visual Studio in some regards. 

I have A+ running in windowed mode on one screen, the editor on another one, and I usually execVM scripts to be tested, so it's a simple save and run by an addaction in the already running mission.


Just browse https://forums.bistudio.com/forum/163-arma-3-community-made-utilities/

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