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Tags are removed? Long range scopes have zeroing limited at 1000; Destroyed light bulbs are not saved correctly

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Hello, I have 3 remarks:

1) After 1.56 update, the tags are total disappeared. I think that is related to this:

"Tweaked: Removed dependencies of difficulty flags "Friendly TAG" and "Enemy TAG" on flags "Weapon Crosshair" and "Extended HUD Info". Name tags are now displayed even when weapon crosshair and other HUD elements are disabled. In free look, name tags now display a description of the entity based on where the player is looking (instead of aiming)."


2) Long range scopes have zeroing limited at 1000m. No mater what sniper rifle, scopes like LRPS (2500 m) and TWS (1200 m) are limited at 1000 m zeroing. I observed this bug today, not sure if is 1,56 or some following minor update to blame.


3) Destroyed light bulbs are not saved correctly. This is an old story, appeared after 1.38 or 1.40.  Many types of street lamps can be shot with a gun, but after save followed by load (obviously in single player), the lamps shine again. Only a very few types of lamps, 1 or 2, remain off.

Not to mention bulb lights that are indestructible, like flashing light of road barriers or airport structures, lights of sea lighthouse (the main reflector and the entrance dor bulb), lights of gas stations.

Thank you for attention.





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Yeah our problem is the same, i wrote this in another post,


To start off: We run one of the biggest altis life servers.


Problem: Since the eden update we cant "tag" people, i noticed you changed your settings here: https://community.bi...Difficulty_Menu


Even though ive changed everything to what you suggested, we can´t get it to work.


Problem is; Blufor and Independent can´t get tag on anyone.


Civilians can get tag´s on blufor + independent, but they can´t get tags on each others using this.


We have changed like you advised us to, enemyTag = 1;


Still doesn´t work.


Anyone got an solve for this? its quite important to know who you are shooting towards in an Altis Life Server.

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