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EDEN: custom unit spawns without texture, wrecked model, 2D works fine?!

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EDEN aka 3D editor:

1. I place down the unit and first one appears not wearing any body camo (transparent well, sky texture)

2. 2nd placed unit is all wrecked up model, see example shot:


Usually ends with game crash (CTD).


If I do the same in 2D editor it works just fine, units perform without any glitch or missing textures, they don't break model.

What is funny is that after 2D editor I can ran EDEN/3D and it works there too? :) some kind of init failure or what?


I've given all that info to Tom aka J. to inspect. I can supply the units causing that in order to pinpoint the problem  -I've tried for 4 days and I give up.




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Found the issue:


uniformClass under class ItemInfo: UniformItem must not use the soldier that has set scope=0, RPT actually mentions something about it:



 2:56:07 In class "xxx_uniform" is abstract config class "xxx_soldier" and can't be used with uniform.

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